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Beginning in the late s in America, Vassanji tells the story of a student from Dar es Salaam named Ramji, who moves to America.

Ramji is active in antiwar protests, seeks spiritual meaning, and gets involved in revolutionary activities that haunt him later in the novel, when he is faced with a crossroads of past and present. Anduru, Agoro Tanzanian short-story writer. Born in a village on the eastern shores of Lake Victoria in what is now Tanzania, Anduru was educated at local schools. He tells the story of his education and partial deafness in Without Despair, which is one of the narratives in A Bed of Roses and Other Writings Anduru trained and worked as a radio journalist, and his first short stories were published in the s in Tanzanias weekly newspaper Sunday News.

His writings, including Temptation and Other Stories and This Is Living and Other Stories , depict everyday city life in Tanzania, and uncover superficiality, materiality, and immorality in an attempt to appeal for honesty, decency, loyalty, friendship, and love. Angira, Jared Kenyan poet. Angira studied commerce at the University of Nairobi and edited the literary magazine Busara, in which some of his early poetry first appeared.

Angira offers humorous satire about the arrogance and. Many of Angiras poems also portray feelings of disillusionment due to betrayed hopes for independence, and they also demonstrate his use of poetry to encourage political mobilization against the elite.

Aniebo, I. He was a commissioned officer before he joined the Biafran army as one of its pioneer officers. Discharged from the army after the Nigeria-Biafra war , he went to the United States for his undergraduate and graduate degrees. He is currently a teacher of creative writing at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

In the s Aniebo began to publish short stories in journals, magazines, and newspapers, some of which were later collected in Of Wives, Talismans and the Dead and Man of the Market: Short Stories Rearguard Actions is a collection of eight short stories about the Nigerian civil war and the terrible experiences of people during that time.

The Anonymity of Sacrifice is one of the earliest novels about the Biafran conflict, and it narrates the story of two soldiers fighting on the Biafran front in a manner that uncovers the anonymity of the unknown soldier and makes the war more tangible as an individual experience. The Journey Within focuses on traditional Igbo life and values, and those characters that resist the confusion between African and European values are the most positive ones for Aniebo. Aniebo focuses on the themes of conflict and infidelity in marriage, human relationships, the cultural conflict between.

Anowa A play by Ama Ata Aidoo. The play takes as its inspiration a traditional Ghanaian legend about a woman who disobeys her parents and marries the man she loves.

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Aidoo investigates the need for compromise and truthfulness in relationships through the characters of Anowa and her lover Kofi. The play comments on the effects of individuality when Anowa and Kofi refuse to associate with one another or the rest of the community, and commit suicide instead. Anthills of the Savannah A novel by Chinua Achebe.

Set in the imaginary West African country of Kangan, which strongly resembles Nigeria, the novel continues Achebes examination of politicalcondi tions in a representative postcolonial country initiated in A Man of the People Achebe portrays the effect of military rule on a country where democratic processes are undermined, political unrest is replaced by selfserving autocrats, and where constitutional processes are suspended.

Achebe rejects international finance capitalism as a reason for Kangans political problems, and through the experiences and musings of his principal characters he illustrates that the problem is a lack of leadership. The novel is a study of how power corrupts and of how in the end this power destroys itself. The novel demonstrates Achebes convictions about the role of stories and storytelling that counteracts the forces that threaten oral wisdom with technology.

The first East African poetry anthology to contain poems influenced by African literary traditions as well as experimental ones was edited by Lennard Okola in and was titled Drum Beat: East African Poems. Waititu and Y. Kemolis anthology also contained some rural popular culture poetry from poets associated with the National Teachers College, Kyambogo, Uganda, whose work was chosen from the student magazine Nanga, and was edited by British author Denis C. Government and other professional institutions sometimes also publish anthologies. For example, The Stranger and Other Stories.

Luvai, W. Kabira, and M. Heinemann Kenya has also published a number of anthologies. Mbure, and Benjamin Onyango Ogntu. Poetry by Joseph G. The collection Nexus contains poetry by Samuel Mbure, whose work has also been broadcast in the African Poetry program of the Voice of Kenya. Less recent works like East African Literature: An Anthology by Zettersten and the Longman Anthology of East African Short Stories set a precedent for more recent collections in their focus on the diversity of genres and authors, as well as a combination of both political and personal themes.

A culmination of this kind of precedent can be seen in such collections. Similarly, a short story collection that focuses on womens writing from East Africa is Words from a Granary, edited by Violet Barungi Other publications, like Angela Smiths East African Writing in English , have a more general focus, and also include an overview of the varied roles of the novel, poetry, and drama in East Africa.

Collections of interviews, essays, and nonfictional writing also play a role in East African anthologies. Winging Words by Ezenwa Ohaeto is a collection of interviews with African writers and critics, while Gathering Seaweed: African Prison Writing bases its collection on a specific kind of description common to prose, poetry and plays, and includes contributions from Steve Biko, Breyten Breytenbach, Kenneth Kaunda, and Nelson Mandela. Recent East African poetry anthologies are numerous.

A focus on the dialogic aspect of poetry is apparent in Kimani Niogus Reading Poetry as Dialogue: An East African Literary Tradition , as it not only draws on the Gikuyu and KiSwahili verse forms gungu, kmondo, and gi candi, but also includes English translations alongside the original languages. The focus on the importance of the poetry as a verbal art form thus comes across as a part of this anthology. South Africa Because of the settlement of an Englishspeaking population in South Africa as early as the eighteenth century, the first examples of anthologies appear around when settlers began to establish printing and publishing businesses.

Robert Greig and Thomas Pringle were instrumental in the early formation of anthology, and by R.

Much more than documents.

Stapleton published a selection of works from periodicals titled Poetry of the Cape of Good Hope. The Poetry of South Africa , edited by Alexander Wilmot, is a good example of an early anthology despite its colonial prejudice.

Cope and Kriges anthology includes translations of Afrikaans and black poetry, which is a diverse approach that many anthologies take up. For example, Johan van Wyk et al.


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Seven South African Poets , edited by Cosmo. Pieterse, Black Voices Shout! More recent South African poetry anthologies reflect the continuation of such earlier foundations. Editor Zolani Mkiva has collected poetry from The Railway Magazine, written in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by railway workers, in the anthology titled Railway Poetry Short-story anthologies emerged and developed in a similar manner to poetry anthologies, as an early focus on European and colonial concerns gave way to a more balanced approach with an inclusion of indigenous authors and critiques of the so cial and political atmosphere.

Thus, E. Parnwell focuses on colonial aims and ideals in his Stories of Africa , while H. Bosman and C. A large number of short-story anthologies are produced for the educational market in South Africa, but a more generally directed anthology is A Century of South African Short Stories , edited by Jean Marquard.

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Marquards anthology contains a balanced selection of texts, and Martin Trump revised it in Claudia Bathsheba Braude The anthology Six One-Act Plays by South African Authors , no editor marked the beginning of the dramatic anthology market, and was produced after the Federation of Amateur Theatrical Societies of South Africa held a competition for inclusion in it.

Translations of African authors are included in Andre Brink and J. Other anthology topics that have emerged of late are those that focus on critical essays, popular stories, travel, folklore, and juvenile writing just to name a few. Many of the anthologies published before focus on social and political issues associated with apartheid, and these concerns continue to characterize many recent anthologies with postapartheid narratives. Included in the anthology is the poetry of A.

Cripps, who speaks of the need for the inclusion of black poets in anthologies, and demonstrates the Rhodesian tendency to resist English modernism in his introduction to the anthology. In contrast, Poetry in Rhodesia: 75 Years, published by D. Finn in , includes poetry by both black and white writers collected from periodicals like Rhodesian Poetry and Two Tone. New Writing in Rhodesia is T. McLoughlins anthology of poetry, short stories, and a play, which focuses heavily on black authors. McLoughlin published another anthology of short stories by A. Brothers Liam l. Hemsworth flaunted their washboard abs while taking their surfboards out to catch some waves in Costa Rica on Jan.

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